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For more than 140 years, Follett has been the leading wholesale provider of textbooks. While our company has continued to evolve over the course of our storied history, we never lost sight of our core focus - you.

Your success drives us to continually optimize our operational offerings and deepen our industry expertise. We're committed to sharing this battle-tested insight with you in an effort to help you maximize your store's productivity. We understand what it takes to make a campus bookstore successful, and when you partner with us, we make sure that you do too.

Student-savvy solutions
By partnering with Follett, you can guarantee that your students have convenient access to a wide range of course material formats. Whether new, used, rented or digital books via our BryteWaveTM digital textbook reader, your students will be able to pick up all their course materials under one roof - providing them with upfront money-saving options. At the end of the term, the proven strategies of our Buyback program will ensure that you host the best buyback event ever - all while putting a little extra cash in your students' pockets.
Store-enhancing services
Follett helps you make business simple - period. From asset protection and fixtures to signage and ready-made store programs, our extensive expertise helps us deliver top-notch solutions. We provide access to our loss prevention and store design vendor partners to help you get products at special Follett-negotiated pricing. We also have built a variety of customized rental programs that are tailored specifically to your investment and risk preferences.
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