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Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management
Follett offers a collection of comprehensive systems designed specifically for the campus store to help you control inventory, track sales profitability, offer rental options, capture crucial data and expedite the customer checkout process. Solutions can be scaled and customized according to your needs - including single store or multiple store districts serving a single campus or multiple campuses.

Powering these offerings, Follett has established alliances with leading customer service and retail management systems:

ComputerWorks' Booklog
Booklog is a Windows® based point-of-sale and inventory management solution - maximizing your data analysis capabilities and performance. Solutions include point-of-sale cash register, rental modules, mail orders functionality, purchasing, returns, direct mail distribution and customer tracking and history.

Sequoia Retail Systems, Inc.
Sequoia, a point-of-sale and inventory management solutions provider allows you to reach customers anytime and anywhere. By using in-store cash registers, wireless terminals, and a website optimized for mobile devices, you can process sales virtually anywhere. These flexible POS choices extend store hours and maximize selling opportunities. Every POS tool has been validated as PCI compliant to ensure secure payment processing and consumer confidence.

RATEXTM Business Solutions
RATEX, a point-of-sale and inventory management solutions provider, integrates your store's operations, including retail accounting, EDI and point-of-sale, into one system.
Asset Protection
Follett has partnered with CheckpointTM, the world's leading provider of loss prevention systems, to deliver asset protection solutions tailored to your bookstore. We start with a consultation, which includes a comprehensive evaluation of the asset protection issues that may limit your profitability. From there, we can provide training for store staff on a range of topics, including credit fraud, inventory management and workplace safety.

Store Fixtures and Signage
Follett's team of bookstore design experts can help you create a beautiful, functional store environment that promotes engagement. Our Signature LookTM modular fixtures meet the highest standards in strength, aesthetics and flexibility - and are competitively priced, helping you to minimize your renovation investment.
Signage and Promotional Materials
Follett offers a wide range of signage and promotional materials that drive traffic and help customers navigate through your store.
Online Offerings
Follett Virtual Solutions is a smart ecommerce alternative designed for smaller bookstores that may prefer to utilize their space to focus on general merchandise and convenience items. It's a one-stop online shop for books, supplies and technology.
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