We Tackle Costs. Students Hit the Books.

When students save, everybody wins. That's why Follett is committed to helping students’ career dreams and personal goals come true. We block and tackle for students with powerful course material programs that champion affordability and accessibility at every turn. Follett also breaks through educational barriers with store management capabilities and affordability programs that create custom-tailored retail experiences for campuses nationwide. The result: all-star experience and expertise that not only keep students and campuses in the game but also in the lead.

Lumen makes it easy for institutions and faculty members to adopt and provide affordable OER Courseware materials for their students from $25 per course.

Follett's course materials marketplace offers millions of low-cost college textbooks to ensure the best prices for ALL students to buy, sell or rent textbooks.

Follett ACCESS is a powerful program that enables colleges and universities to deliver all course changes (textbooks, lab kits, supplies, etc.) as part of tuition and course charges.

Follett Discover™ enables instructors tools to research, discover and adopt course materials and allows students to view and purchase all affordability options easily.

Follett provides students with multiple cost-saving options including new/used textbooks, digital course materials as well as access to the largest textbook rental program available.

Follett offers innovative collegiate retail solutions including campus stores, stadium shops, cafes and technology hubs to address your institution’s specific needs and goals, in-store and online.