Digital transformation is not a project. It's a journey. Follett is redefining the campus experience...and this journey has just begun!

Roe J. McFarlane
Chief Digital Product & Marketing Officer
Follett Higher Education Group

Digital transformation is not a project. It's a journey. Follett is redefining the campus experience... and this journey has just begun!

Roe J. McFarlane
Chief Digital Product & Marketing Officer
Follett Higher Education Group

Digital Transformation Takes a Team!

250 passionate professionals, working globally across 4 countries including the USA, Canada, India and China, executing 7,000 pages of business requirements, clocking 275,000 hours of development effort, which propelled a dedicated team to do 8000 hours of UAT (User Acceptance Testing) ....AND.... THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.

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Our feature video walks viewers through the anatomy of the new site, focusing on brand and functionality enhancements to the user experience.

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Get comfy, we have complied a library of visual assets to catch you up on the transformation project and what it means to your campus and students. If you are new to the project or want to be refreshed, start with the videos at the bottom of the media library and work your way up.


  • Follett Disrupts Collegiate Campus Ecommerce with Multi-Year Technology Investment to Transform Ecommerce. "This fundamental change in our technology platform will make us hyper-responsive to the unique brand of each of the 1,800 college campus web properties we manage" said Roe McFarlane, Chief Digital Officer of Follett Higher Education. "The customizable user interface is a "mobile first" strategy and supports faster releases and agile site management allowing us to respond quickly with localized content that drives the priorities of each campus on a real-time basis."

  • Follett has partnered with industry leaders (IBM, Sogeti Capgemini, iX and Adobe) to deliver a best-in-class experience.

The first release consists of a Platform Transformation and Innovative Features to drive a richer experience driven ecommerce.

This project will span multiple years with the first releases scheduled to go live in Summer 2019. (Launch timeframe subject to change based on platform stability and business priorities.) Email notification will be sent to all partners prior to the first release.

The initial phases will accomplish the following:

  • Complete transformation of the platform designed to support faster releases, agile site management, allow us to respond quickly with localized content that drives the priorities of your campus on a real-time basis.

  • Innovative features and functionality to enrich the shopping experience for your students, faculty, administrators, alumni and fans.

Due to the magnitude of this transformation, during the initial rollout the site will be down for a considerable period. During this time, any customers that try to reach the website will see a maintenance page that will indicate the site is unavailable. All partners will receive notification in the launch email of the expected time the site will be unavailable.

Please reach out to your Follett Regional Manager for any assistance you may need or for any questions you may have.

Please use the link below or the Feedback Form Box on the right to share any feedback you may have with regards to your new site.

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We are committed to make sure we meet the relevant accessibility standards of the Section 508, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). In the Ecommerce Transformation project we have partnered with MSF&W to provide guidance, audits and remediation efforts to ensure we are ADA complaint.

Outside of this project, we conduct yearly ADA audits with MSF&W to ensure our compliance. We have been AA compliant for the last three years.

Click here to see the latest VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template.)

Follett takes the security of our customer's personal information very seriously. Follett has partnered with Trustwave, a leader in cyber security, to take the utmost precautions in protecting customer information. As an ecommerce platform to more than 1,200 schools, is compliant with the highest standards of online customer security and PCI standards.

We listen to feedback to meet our customer's needs. In building the new user interface (UI) and new functionality, we conducted several rounds of user testing which included both students and parents, from both Follett managed stores and our competitors. On top of that, we executed roadshows where we presented the new design to select schools to garner feedback.

Release Update

In this release, you will discover the dramatic eCommerce website enhancements the Follett Transformation project is delivering in Phase I to your campus store site. For a full list and explanation of Phase I please visit the "Release Communications" box below and select the Phase I document link.

Techy Explanations

A new innovative trend in ecommerce architecture that separates the front end (content presentation layer) from the backend (business logic and ecommerce stack.) Decoupling the monolithic stack creates a more agile framework as changes now can be executed on the frontend without impacting the backend. Ultimately this better supports a customizable user interface that is 'mobile first' along with faster releases and agile site management.

Small, freestanding applications, decoupled from other components of the commerce system, therefore allowing more rapid updates without compromising the code of other services or the extensive full-system testing required with monolithic platforms.

An approach to web design that allows web pages to render optimally on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. Key benefits behind responsive design is an increase in usability with ecommerce on mobile devices and an increase in organic (free) traffic as Google rewards mobile-first sites.

A system designed to support the management of web pages and content. Key benefits include the ability for users, even with limited expertise, to add, modify, remove content for websites, thus reducing the reliance on IT support. In this Ecommerce Transformation, eFollett's new CMS is Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), a CMS that's best-in-class in ecommerce.

Single-Page Application (SPA) is a web application that loads a single HTML page and dynamically updates that page as the user interacts with the application. Core benefits of using a SPA is it is an optimal architecture for responsive design and also results in faster page load times and smoother transitions between pages.