Campus Stores

The Shopping Experience

Did you know that your favorite retailer has a team of designers and analysts who work in tandem to engage you in the shopping experience? It's part of why you like going there. Follett employs that same philosophy for your campus store. We'll make it the place to be for your existing students. It will also create a favorable impression for potential students, alumni and visitors, while making it easy for them to purchase in-store, online, over-the-phone or at an event.

Store Design

Building your store requires creativity and vision; a job entrusted to our Follett In-Store Design Team. The team is dedicated to designing the ideal retail environment for your institution.

We start by immersing ourselves in your campus culture to inform our design with what makes your institution, your institution. Then we infuse our vast experience to incorporate the best practices of retail engineering. The end product is an easy-to-navigate and intuitive shopping experience that inspires your students, faculty, parents, alumni and fans to think of your space as not just a store, but a hub and a destination.

By delivering everything they want and need in a place they want to be, your campus store imbues a sense of spirit and pride, that enhances your image, attracts customers and increases sales.

Store design doesn't end with the physical space. We will also design and build a custom site to complement your new campus store. More than 300 educational institutions have a custom store, and Follett is ranked as a top 100 e-commerce site by Internet Retailer Magazine.

Specialty Stores

Specialty stores are becoming our specialty. We can work with you to develop a unique, focused retail store such as:

  • a yoga shop with apparel and equipment
  • a golf shop featuring Under Armour®, Nike®, PING® and Pete Millar products and a putting green
  • pop-up dorm-room furniture shops during fall
  • a technology accessory store with items from GoPro®, FitBit®, Skullcandy® and Beats by DreTM
  • a convenience food store with ready-to-go snacks and quick and easy meals
  • pop-up shops at sports stadiums - where fans can create their own custom jerseys and get sideline athletic apparel worn by players and coaches from Nike, Under Armour and Adidas®
  • a tech supply shop with cables, storage devices, printer cartridges, computers, tablets, printers, software and apps from brands like DellTM, SamsungTM, MicrosoftTM, Adobe® and HP®
  • an Apple Store® - the only on-campus provider of Apple products, Follett has opened 35 stores on campuses around the country.

But, what we're most excited about is the specialty store we open on your campus. It might be like one we've opened elsewhere. Or, it might be one we've never done before. What matters is that it's the store that makes the most sense for your students, faculty and community.

General Merchandise

Follett is dedicated to supporting campus life, providing the products that your customers desire on a timely basis and at the best prices.

With a store-specific, customized approach we strive to recognize and enhance the individuality of each college and university with a school-specific, yet extensive, assortment of products. Follett is also your source for apparel, gifts and accessories your students, parents and alumni can purchase to flaunt their school spirit. We partner with top brands to provide quality merchandise and apparel for every type of campus pride, both in-store and online.


Campus stores are more than just books and car decals. Students no longer need to look off campus to complete their shopping lists. From fresh food, beverages and toothpaste, to notebooks, tote bags and t-shirts, Follett campus stores are one-stop shops. When it comes to showcasing school spirit, we collaborate with world-renowned companies, as well as niche boutiques, to provide in-demand merchandise and apparel. We work with your campus groups, clubs or departments to process bulk order sales and special orders that will help drive additional traffic in store.

Quick and easy snacks for your students

In addition to emblematic apparel and accessories, the campus store can also be the spot for students and faculty to enjoy a coffee or snack break. The Follett full-service café serves branded coffees, such as Starbucks, Caribou and Peet's. We can also provide access to fresh foods, Coca-Cola and Pepsi beverages in open-air coolers, as well as packaged food from their favorite brands like Clif, Frito-Lay, Hershey's and Hostess. We deliver the name-brand food items your students want and can customize the area to fit your available space.

Integrated Marketing

Marketing to your school's student body, faculty, alumni and community deserves a unique and customized program - one that reflects your spirit, academics and campus directives. As your campus store partner, we create and execute campaigns that exceed the individual needs of your students and campus community. Each program starts with the essentials of the academic school year, and from there we layer in those things that make your school unique such as athletics, student groups, campus celebrations, alumni association events and more. Then we work with vendor partners and publishers to round out the offering so that every month we are touching your student body and community with fresh and relevant offers.

Digital Transitions

We know every institution has specific digital needs that cannot be met with a "one-size-fits-all" approach. Follett's breadth, depth and history anchor our ability to be the best on-campus retail partner, as well as an expert to help drive change and shape a course material strategy. Combining your educational insight and our industry expertise is the key to developing an ideal course material roadmap that will transform the campus store of today into the campus store of tomorrow.

Follett is an active member in a spectrum of approaches in the campuses we serve. Some institutions are diving into the digital world headfirst. Others are more focused on driving affordability through robust rental programs and custom course materials. As your trusted campus partner, Follett is poised to support your strategic goals, whatever the speed, shape and size, with a course material strategy that is right for you and your campus community.

Online Retailing

Follett Managed Stores

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With a Follett Virtual Campus or store, you're always open for business.

Follett Virtual Campus

"Follett didn't come to us with a bookstore. They came to us with solutions - and not just for what we need now, but with an eye on what we will need in the future."
Raymond A. Dennis, MBA, MA
Associate Vice President, Auxilliary Management, Loyola Marymount University

Innovative Strategies

We pride ourselves in creating innovative solutions to address your needs and goals. Whether it's responding to a market trend or targeting a particular challenge - Follett's programs are custom-crafted to reliably deliver everything you require.

"Follett was an integral part of the redesign and construction of our newest bookstore. Follett's In-Store Design Team worked from the design phase through completion and we couldn't be more pleased."

Jennifer Jasinski, Director of Business Services and Risk Management, Arkansas State University

One thing we've learned about transforming a campus: the transformation is never done. We begin by analyzing, building and implementing your institution's plans. Then, we measure, adapt and respond.

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