Trusted Partner for over 140 Years

A history of putting your institution and your students first.

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted partner to colleges and universities across North America.

What began as a way for colleges and universities to get textbooks has become an integrated and multi-faceted solution that provides your students everything they need to succeed. Through more than a century of change, our focus has not waivered. It is still centered on delivering the right mix of products, services and support that fosters a healthy and optimal learning environment.

We also know the services we provide can become a source of campus pride among current students and faculty, as well as be great selling tools for prospective students. No wonder more institutions choose Follett to develop and manage their campus solutions than any other operator.

As we look to the future, our goal is to leverage the robust educational and retail insights we have to provide you with better content, technologies and services - all aimed at improving student outcomes.

5 million

students served by Follett Higher Education Group

Follett manages more than


university and college on-campus stores nationwide


titles currently stocked in Follett's warehouse

One thing we've learned about transforming a campus: the transformation is never done. We begin by analyzing, building and implementing your institution's plans. Then, we measure, adapt and respond.

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