Follett INSIGHT Article: The Perceived Value of Textbooks

How professors view the importance of their assigned course materials doesn’t always match students’ perceptions. In fact, students may not purchase required materials at all. Why is that? And what can professors do to increase the perceived importance of course materials? In this article, we’ll explore why this phenomenon is occurring, and what campus stores and professors can do to restore the perceived value of course materials.


K-12 Trends and How They Influence the Horizon of Higher Education

It’s natural to assume a “trickle-down” approach to trend spotting and believe that what’s happening in higher education guides educators and administrators in shaping the K–12 experience. After all, if entrance into colleges and universities represents the desired goal, then it makes sense that trends in higher education set the tone for how K–12 schools prepare tomorrow’s learners.  

Case Studies

“All For One” partnership delivers added value campus-wide - Xavier University

Xavier University – the sixth-oldest Catholic and fourth-oldest Jesuit University in the country – is home to over 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Central to the Cincinnati-based university is its “All For One. One For All”. “The Power of X” motto urges students, faculty and the campus community to learn, serve and change the world together.

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