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Solution Components

The suite of Follett tools comes from years of experience and from listening to administrators, faculty and students about what they expect from their campus store. Whether you need one, or several components, we will work with you to craft just the right solution for your institution.


The purchased value students can get back when reselling newer, good condition books.


Students can save almost 2/3 of the cost of printed books when they go digital.

One thing we've learned about transforming a campus: the transformation is never done. We begin by analyzing, building and implementing your institution's plans. Then, we measure, adapt and respond.

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Store Solutions
Follett Managed Stores
We help turn your campus store into the campus hub. From course materials to all kinds of apparel, accessories, convenience items, technology and gifts, we can work with your space and your budget to design a store built for your institution.
The digital version of your brick and mortar store, runs on IBM's state-of-the-art web platform and is optimized for tablets and smartphones. It's a seamless extension of your campus store with merchandised aisles and items your students need and want - and a profit-generating source for your school.
Follett Virtual Campus
If your campus simply doesn't have the space or need for a brick-and-mortar store, Follett Virtual Campus fills the void. It operates as a true online representation of an on-campus store, while remaining open 24/7 for your students and faculty.
Printed Solutions
New Textbooks
Follett's catalog of more than 100,000 titles from 7,000 publishers makes it easy for faculty to select the perfect book to support their course.
Used Textbooks
Students can save money by selecting from more than 150,000 titles and more than 2 million copies in our warehouse.
Textbook Rentals
Created in 2009, Follett Rent-A-Text has reinvented the campus store experience and is now the largest university textbook rental program. On average, students can save 50% on rental texts versus buying new.
Textbook Buyback
Students who purchase new or used books can sell their books back - which means additional cost savings.
Digital Solutions
Digital Textbooks
Follett offers thousands of course materials for a variety of industry-standard readers, and the list of books being digitized grows each day.
Follett's digital textbook reader is a flexible solution for busy students who want to stay organized. Using BryteWave, students can annotate and highlight passages, and locate key study points simply by using the powerful search function. Future versions will allow students to create study guides and share questions and ideas with other students and faculty on campus. BryteWave is supported by many devices, including iOS, Android, Mac and PCs, and carries course materials from over 100 publishers.
Administrative Solutions
booklook connects your course registration system to our database to help you fully comply with the HEOA legislation.
Financial Aid Integration
Follett connects your accounts receivable system to your store so student purchases can be immediately deducted from their financial aid account.
Campus Card Integration
Follett gives you the tools to integrate your store with your existing campus card system so that students can make purchases with their campus card just like a credit card.
ConnectOnce might be the most important piece of technology we have. It is the interface that ensures your existing SIS and LMS can integrate with any and all of the Follett solutions we have to offer. Thanks to ConnectOnce, your existing infrastructure stays the same, while we ensure a seamless and secure transition.
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