Game Based Learning - Beneficial to Students?

Michele Steigerwald, FVC Marketing Analyst; Aug 1, 2018 02:30 PM

Game based learning can be used as a powerful instructional tool to transform the way students achieve new skills, retain information and apply what they learn to their studies. Incorporating educational games into the classroom can also engage students and enhance their learning and development. Several benefits can be found through the use of incorporating game based learning into the classroom setting.

Did you know content specific games can increase memory capacity? Games that revolve around the utilization of memorization promote a positive experience for long-term memory strength. This relates to games whereby students have to remember pieces in order to solve the game, memorize sequences, or track narrative elements.

Playing educational games in the classroom can also increase students’ attitudes toward learning. With a more positive perception of the learning environment, students will become more motivated to learn, pay attention, and participate. Games can be used as an alternative to worksheets - where students can demonstrate their knowledge, skill, and understanding of a particular topic.

Students can also learn the value of communication and team building. Through team based games, students will learn how to take turns, listen to others, and build respect for their peers. Conducting a class-wide discussion after team game-play allows each group to share their progress, difficulties, and accomplishments. According to “Game Based Learning in Action,” this simple cycle can be paired down to, “play game, debrief, and reflect.”

Lastly, game based lessons make learning more fun! Games can help connect students to the classroom by giving them something to become enthusiastic about. Instructional games with many small wins over time will lead to higher motivation and less stress. Additionally, games with different levels will also allow students to focus more on learning specific material so that they can move on to the next level.

Many game based activities can be incorporated into the classroom to help motivate students and teach them how to overcome obstacles in order to achieve an individual or collective win. Games can also help enhance classroom curriculum by providing a higher level of interest and positive learning experience. 

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Game Based Learning - Beneficial to Students?

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