How to Ensure Students are Focused & Motivated

Michele Steigerwald, FVC Marketing Specialist; Sep 30, 2017 01:29 PM

One of the most important aspects of the classroom includes ensuring students have the right level of motivation in place to help them reach their full potential. Using effective means of motivation can be very beneficial in driving students to work harder and ultimately, to learn about a variety of subjects. There are a number of ways educators can motivate students to help enhance their overall learning experience, including: encouragement, reward-based incentives, assessing interests, and setting challenging, yet attainable goals.

Encouraging students with positive words allows them to feel recognized and valued for their hard work. A simple, “great job,” can give someone the recognition and praise needed to continue working hard and achieving goals.

Offering reward-based incentives gives students something to look forward to. For example, giving out pieces of candy to students who participate in a class discussion may give students the desire to share their thoughts and ideas, which will allow everyone to receive more insight and could open the original discussion up to something even greater.

Relating classroom materials to things students might be interested in, or can relate to, will help pique students’ interest levels and keep them focused on the topic at hand. Tying something historical to something going on in the world today can help students relate their everyday lives to the subject they are currently learning about.

Challenging students to reach high, yet attainable goals will push them beyond the minimum that they are capable of.

Although motivating students can be challenging at times, incorporating simple means of motivation into the classroom will help inspire students to participate and learn effectively.

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