General Merchandise

General Merchandise

Follett's General Merchandise team, consisting of professional buyers and planners, is dedicated to supporting your academic mission and campus life by providing the right products in the right quantities at the right time. This dedication translates to curated assortments that reflect our unique industry insights, national student trends as well as local interests and preferences.

Follett is proud to utilize the power of centralized buying in acquiring customized merchandise for more than 900 unique college and university brands. Buyer teams only source products from pre-approved vendors to ensure quality and purchasing integrity.

Learn more about Follett's commitment to fair labor practices and Vendor Labor Code of Conduct.



Clothing & Gifts

Follett's General Merchandise team is trained to embrace the individuality of each college and university we serve - delivering a wide assortment of emblematic and non-emblematic clothing and gifts from our diverse network of approved vendors. We're constantly tracking national trends as well as local preferences and passions to ensure your store offers a fresh mix of products that will serve different interests, styles and budgets. Follett stores offer a variety of Value Priced promotions to drive spirit and sales while delivering tremendous savings to the campus community.


The presence and reliance on technology, in and out of the classroom, continues to grow. Students and faculty utilize a variety of computer software for their studies and community members are seeking reasonably priced computer products and peripherals, such as printer cartridges, storage drives, and cables, to support their technology. To accommodate these needs, Follett is an authorized academic reseller of leading hardware and software product vendors including Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Adobe, and Hewlett Packard to name a few.

General Reading

While course materials are the core of our business, they're just one piece of the educational process and college student lifestyle. At Follett, trade and reference books, collegiate bestsellers, periodicals and magazines also play a critical role in the lifelong journey of learning. Your students and faculty have specialized interests and needs that can't be met by a mainstream, one-size-fits-all approach. That is why Follett places special emphasis on the mix of quality products as well as special events and promotions, which ensure the campus store remains a hub of campus life.

Special Services

Today, we’re more than just a bookstore. To serve as a true one-stop shop for the entire campus community, Follett reinvents campus store space, service and assortment to fit the culture, community and learning mission of each campus. We partner with leading companies to provide the supplies and services - no matter how unique - needed to best support your community. For example:

  • Athletic concessions
  • Café services, Grab-and-Go convenience
  • Technology sale/repair
  • Mail and postage services
  • Campus parking permits