Store Design

Environment is everything. Follett's expert team of architects and retail planners will help develop a custom solution that reflects the culture and personality of your institution. Our forward-focused design will attract more customers and increase sales while remaining flexible to accommodate the evolution of your course materials and merchandising needs.

Maximizing Fit

Follett has designed more campus stores than anyone in the industry. In fact, we've completed more than 400 renovations in the past three years, ranging from minor enhancements to building entirely new stores. Our in-house team of architects and designers will work with you to ensure the look and feel of your store enhances and reinforces the overall look and feel of your campus while maximizing flexibility to adapt to merchandise changes and accommodate the different shopping seasons.

Maximizing Revenue

With the growing range of needs and customers we serve, the most effective campus stores function as a collection of specialty stores within a store with one selling laptops and tablets, one selling school branded gifts and apparel, one selling learning materials. We'll help you configure your store in a way that enhances the retail services you provide your campus community while maximizing the revenue the store generates throughout the school year.

Visual Merchandising

Our visual merchandising team brings the physical campus store space to life, delivering eye-catching, engaging and relevant merchandise displays. These displays do more than add energy and brand to the shopping environment - they give shoppers a comfortable hub to connect, learn and shop. The combination of a warm, welcoming environment that is well-organized, clean and ready to handle large crowds contributes to a superior campus experience for all members of the school community.