Students are includED
  • Are ready to learn on the first day of class with all required course materials.
  • Can apply financial aid to the cost of course materials.
  • Find it is easy to access, manage and use digital course materials.
  • Prepared to be engaged in the class, which can lead to a better educational experience and better grades.
  • Save money, take more classes and/or defer fewer classes due to course material access and costs.
* Source: Fayetteville State University student survey
Faculty are includED
  • Have the freedom to choose the course material that best meet the goals of course curriculum - not tied to one format, publisher or content provider.
  • Find it easier to teach because students have the right required material and are prepared on day one.
  • Don't play "tech support" for digital course materials.
Institutions are includED
  • Gains a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining students.
  • Students are more likely to complete their studies instead of deferring classes due to course material cost and access.
  • Can make serious strides in addressing the rising cost of education.
  • Can leverage existing systems to provide seamless course material access to students.
  • Maximize IT investments we've made on our campus.
Publishers are includED
  • Partner, streamline and facilitate the delivery of course materials in the preferred format.
  • Work directly with publishers on contracts, payments and fulfillment to remove a significant amount of aggravation and workload from the institution and procurement process.