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Follett Supports ‘Future Ready Schools’ Initiative on Behalf of Project Connect

Announcement made at White House event as part of release of National Education Technology Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec 14, 2015Follett  joined a strong educational coalition of national partner and regional organizations, and major corporations, by supporting Future Ready Schools, an initiative developed by the U.S. Department of Education to maximize digital learning opportunities and help school districts move quickly toward preparing students for career success.

The announcement was made Dec. 10 by the Alliance for Excellent Education at a White House event, which featured the release of the National Education Technology Plan. Further, it was announced that more than 2,000 school district leaders, representing 16 million students, have taken the Future Ready District Pledge to personalize learning for students using effective digital learning strategies.

According to Nader Qaimari, Follett Executive Vice President and General Manger, Follett is supporting the Future Ready initiative on behalf of Project Connect’s Future Ready Library Framework. Project Connect, sponsored by Follett, is a national initiative to advocate for school libraries and connect powerful school library programs to the needs of successful 21st century learning. The goal is to shed light on how the expertise of librarians can be more fully utilized, and how an innovative school library program can be a solution to the many challenges that arise from a digital transformation.

“Our involvement is an expression of our dedication to creating Future Ready Librarians, and reinforces our message that school libraries are a cornerstone of all good programs,” Qaimari said.

Qaimari also described a micro-credentialing program currently in development by Project Connect, which would present professional development opportunities to librarians. “As we define future ready libraries, it only makes sense to develop innovative professional learning experiences that model new ways of working," said Mark Ray, Chief Digital Officer, Vancouver Public Schools, a member of Project Connect’s Librarian Leadership Committee. “Micro credentials offer a nimble way for librarians to build on their expertise and level up their skill set so they can lead, teach and support as part of future ready schools.”

The pledge Follett made this week represents a new library “strand” for Future Ready to support the nation's librarians and media specialists. Other major corporations involved in the overall Future Ready initiative include Apple, Google, Microsoft, and McGraw-Hill Education.

Launched 14 months ago, Future Ready Schools is an Alliance for Excellent Education project featuring more than 50 partners, including the U.S. Department of Education.

“Future Ready Schools isn’t just about technology,” Bob Wise, President, Alliance for Excellent Education, said Thursday. “It’s about a more personalized approach to teaching and learning that ensures that all students have the skills they need to succeed in college and a career. Future Ready Schools is about empowering teachers and leaders, helping students take charge of their own learning, and keeping parents engaged and informed.”

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