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Follett to Unveil ‘Collections by Destiny’

MCHENRY, IL, Jun 29, 2017 – Follett next week will formally introduce a new educational tool, Collections by Destiny®, that will allow customers to create new, collaborative ways for librarians, teachers, and curriculum staff to share free or purchased resources across the district, schools or between users. Collections will provide educators around-the-clock access to quickly find the resources that provide more learning opportunities and practice content for fast delivery into the classroom.

Follett gave a sneak preview of Collections to attendees at this week’s ISTE Conference in San Antonio, and early reviews were “overwhelmingly positive,” according to Nader Qaimari, President of Follett School Solutions.

Fully integrated with Destiny Discover and the Follett Destiny product line of free- and subscription-based services (as well as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and direct Google Classroom sharing), Collections can include any resource, including Open Educational Resources (OERs), webpages, images, and documents, and all can be easily added with the click of a button. Qaimari said “offering Collections is the first step toward making Destiny a content discovery and resource collection tool designed for use in the classroom, the library and at home.”

“Collections by Destiny is designed to help reduce time spent on instructional planning and research, maximize visibility and usage of a district’s or school’s educational resources, and, significantly, encourage deeper learning in and outside of the classroom,” Qaimari continued. “Beyond librarians, teachers and curriculum teams, students too will be able to benefit from Collections as they can save an eBook for a book report, as well as videos, websites and even their own, created content to share with their teacher.”

The device-agnostic and efficient mobile interface makes collecting resources easy—eliminating wasted time with lengthy searches—whether one is in the library, classroom, living room, or virtually anywhere. For librarians, Collections provides an opportunity to add visibility and showcase the valuable resources purchased and curated through the library staff, including OERs.

“Collections allows librarians to wrap great content through the collections about what teachers are covering right now in their curriculum,” Qaimari said. “Think of it as an electronic bulletin board no matter the topic or occasion, all conveniently accessible from Destiny Discover or a shareable link.”

Collections even offers parents visibility into the resources provided by the district, school, and in the classroom. Qaimari said it will help promote an increased communication between teachers and parents through the sharing and collaboration features to “truly help students read or study from classroom to living room.”

A webinar about Collections is scheduled for 3pm CDT/noon PDT Thursday, July 27. To register, visit Further, this explainer video brings Collections to life —

A cloud-based solution, Collections will be included as a part of Follett’s market-leading Destiny Library Manager, and users must be on version 15.0 or later to access.

For more than 140 years, Follett has been a trusted provider of educational resources to K-12 institutions. With proven experience in delivering educational content and technology solutions, Follett seeks to provide tools that connect educators and students in an evolving learning environment. For more information, visit 

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