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Massachusetts Renews Follett with SIS/SIF Preferred Vendor Status

Follett Aspen SIS Serves More Than 450,000 of State’s K-12 Public School Students

MCHENRY, ILL., Jun 18, 2018Follett has again achieved Massachusetts School Interoperability Framework (SIF) certification and its Massachusetts SIS/SIF contract has been renewed through June 2019. All student information system (SIS) vendors, such as Follett with its Aspen solution, must be certified before they may secure contracts with districts in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education.

“This contract is important to Massachusetts school districts looking to transition to a new SIS, as it enables them to select our Aspen, for example, without the need for a request for proposal,” said George Gatsis, senior vice president, technology platforms. “Our 2017/18 SIF submission season has been very successful with 100 percent certification success.”

Earlier this month, Follett announced it had earned preferred vendor status from the Rhode Island Department of Education, where Aspen is established in 50 percent of the state’s K-12 school districts.

“We are very pleased that Follett Aspen has met the Massachusetts’ requirements for SIF certification and has received the preferred SIS vendor status,” said Ellen K. Schuck, director of technology, Hudson (Mass.) Public Schools. “We chose to move forward with Aspen in November 2016 and began the implementation process in January 2017. Hudson went live with Aspen in August 2017 and we were very pleased with the implementation process and the conversion of 10 years of data. We are continuing to tweak the system to meet our needs, as well as planning for phasing in new features for the 2018-2019 school year.”

The number of districts submitting via SIF has grown by approximately 20 percent since last fall. Even with this increase, Gatsis said Follett is still showing tremendous growth in successful submission rates of our districts, particularly by deadline.

Aspen is a powerful, flexible SIS with a thriving user community, especially in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where it manages data for more than 450,000 students in 115 districts. The largest single account is Boston Public Schools where Aspen manages data for more than 52,500 students in 118 schools.

Aspen is a 21st century SIS that offers a mobile-friendly, one-stop application for teachers, administrators and school community. It hosts and manages student data, safely and securely stores data such as class schedules, student performance, health records, and athletic eligibility, and allows educators to closely monitor student progress, implement new curriculum, and conveniently communicate with parents.

Aspen currently serves more than two million students throughout 240 school districts in the U.S. and Canada. Follett recently completed the Ed-Fi Data Standard Certification for Aspen, which is essential for seamless integration between the SIS and other technology platforms, as well as empowering educators with key data.

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