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Follett Announces Flexible, Affordable Mode of Delivery for eBooks

New 90-Day, Assigned-User Access Model is a Convenient Way to Get Classroom Content

MCHENRY, ILL., Apr 8, 2021Follett is introducing a flexible and affordable, short-term eBook solution, ideal for schools seeking a digital counterpart to their classroom novels. The Follett eBooks: 90-Day Assigned-User Access Model, intended to keep students reading anywhere, will help bridge the gap between classroom and remote learning.

A school can buy an eBook title for as low as $1.29 and assign it to a student for a 90-day period. Educators will be able to most effectively use this new access model for:

  • Summer reading. As summer nears, and teachers need to find ways to keep their students engaged in reading, the model provides short-term access to popular titles when access to print or library copies isn’t available.
  • Whole-class novel study. As students use print copies for in-person learning, a digital counterpart is also available for remote use. These digital copies can’t be lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Small-group literature circles and book clubs. This provides a cost-effective way to allow flexibility with titles.
  • One-school, one book initiatives. When access to print or library copies isn’t available, it allows students to read popular titles on a short-term basis.

The eBooks will be available through a web browser or app, with shopping and purchasing available from Follett through Titlewave, the company’s premier platform for school libraries. The 90-day, assigned-user access model requires schools to have Follett Destiny Library Manager or Follett Destiny Discover District Manager.

“The user-access model is an easy solution for educators to get content for their classroom,” said Britten Follett, executive vice president, Follett School Solutions. “With virtual distribution capabilities, it serves as a perfect companion to print books, plus it will provide for equitable access to popular titles for all students.”

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