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Follett's New Destiny Resource Manager Will Track, Circulate All K-12 District Assets

Robust solution will manage textbooks, laptops, tablets, equipment, much more

MCHENRY, IL, Dec 3, 2014Follett this week introduced Destiny Resource Manager, a new, universal system that enables K-12 districts to track and manage all school assets. Destiny Resource Manager represents an evolution from Follett Destiny Asset Manager as it will monitor barcoded textbooks in addition to traditional assets such as laptops, tablets and equipment.

"Follett Destiny Resource Manager will provide school districts with greater organizational efficiency and effectiveness, and meet the demand for administrative accountability as well as student learning responsibility," said Tom Schenck, president of Follett School Solutions. "It also will help districts with the print-to-digital transition, by managing all 1:1 devices."

Follett Destiny Resource Manager is designed to give administrators the data and insights they need to track and circulate all school assets, Schenck said, as well as ensure accountability to make accurate, fact-based budgeting and purchasing decisions. "It will save districts the lost budget dollars that occur when assets come up either missing or misplaced, and more importantly will maximize access, ensuring the right resources reach the right hands at the right time," he said.

The new resource management product will have the ability to provide a complete view of each student's responsibilities, including print and digital textbooks, tablets, and band instruments, as well as special ed, STEM and sports equipment. For teachers and staff, assets such as computers, IT networks, audio-visual equipment, facility property and confidential records all can be efficiently tracked and monitored. One of the product's early adopters is Groton Public Schools in Groton, Conn.

"We have nearly 300 brand-new Chromebooks here at our district, for example, so we will be able to see the advantages of Follett Destiny Resource Manager immediately," said Jennifer DeBell, inventory control and purchasing agent for Groton Public Schools. "Our staff here is flabbergasted with the quality and amount of information you can capture, and how granular you can customize the information you need for accurate and in-depth reporting."

DeBell said her district also will use Follett Destiny Resource Manager to track and monitor its diverse collection of existing computers, tablets, printers, and electronic whiteboards.

Collectively, more than 61,000 schools in the U.S. are using market-leading Follett Destiny Library Manager, Follett Destiny Textbook Manager and Follett Destiny Asset Manager. Destiny Resource Manager will replace Destiny Asset Manager.

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