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Follett Partners with Thirst Project to Engage Students in the World Water Crisis

WESTCHESTER, IL, Apr 7, 2015Follett Higher Education Group is pleased to announce the continued growth of its partnership with the Thirst Project, the world’s leading youth water activism organization aimed at ending the world water crisis. This year, Follett and the Thirst Project will be delivering a series of new awareness campaigns and programs across Follett’s network of more than 900 campus stores to both inform and engage students in the cause.

The Thirst Project, fueled by high school and college students, raises funds and builds freshwater wells in impoverished communities to create access to safe, clean water. To date, the Thirst Project has worked with more than 400,000 high school and college students across the country to raise $8 million, providing more than 285,000 people with sustainable access to safe, clean water.

In support of these efforts, Follett is proud to sponsor the Thirst Project’s Dirty Little Secret campaign and its upcoming Annual Thirst Gala fundraising event taking place in June. Follett will share more Dirty Little Secret campaign winner details next month. Looking longer term, Follett and the Thirst Project will kick off a 2015-2016 national school tour this fall. The Thirst Project Road Warriors will partner with 100 Follett-managed campus stores, and the associated college or university, to coordinate on-campus events where community members can learn more about the water crisis and how to help today.

"Follett has been by our side supporting and championing our work almost since our organization's inception,” said Seth Maxwell, Thirst Project’s founder and CEO. “Together, we have made a lasting impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and that simply does not happen without the support of Follett's incredible team, their amazing network of students, and their unparalleled generosity. We are beyond excited to continue to deepen our relationship!"

Follett’s partnership with the Thirst Project stems from a shared belief in eliminating barriers to the basic needs for life, such as water and education. Today, nearly 748 million people do not have access to safe, clean water. The task of water-collection often falls to women and children and requires an average journey of up to 3.75 miles – leaving little time or energy for school. Providing sustainable access to clean, safe water promotes education as well as agriculture and micro-finance to advance the entire community.

“We are proud to continue contributing to the Thirst Project’s mission, leveraging Follett’s unique presence across 900+ college campuses to empower students with the knowledge and resources needed to make a true difference in the world,” said Don Germano, president of Follett Higher Education Group. “We share in this student enthusiasm for effecting positive change in both global and local communities, from the implementation of our Vendor Labor Code of Conduct to our support of various local nonprofits.”

To learn more about Follett’s various initiatives focused on promoting access to education, visit For more information on the Thirst Project, go to

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The Thirst Project is the world's leading YOUTH water activism organization. Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that travels across the United States speaking at schools to educate students about the global water crisis. 100% of all student and public donations raised go directly to funding freshwater wells on the ground in developing nations and impoverished communities to provide people with safe, clean water. In just six years, The Thirst Project has activated more than 400,000 students on 350 campuses across the United States who have raised $8Million, 100% of which has been used to give more than 285,000 people in 13 countries safe, clean water. And this is just the beginning. The Thirst Project has made a bold commitment to do what no organization has ever done before and give the entire nation of Swaziland safe, clean drinking water within a decade. Swaziland has the single-highest-density HIV/AIDS population of any country in the world, and water plays an incredibly critical role in effectively treating and managing AIDS, because even if people have access to medical treatment or antiretroviral medications, but still drink from contaminated water sources, people's immune systems are already so compromised that the diseases in the water they drink will actually kill them faster than their AIDS will. The ability to positively impact two issues at once is tremendously exciting. Help us make a difference. Go to to donate or find out how to get involved. $25 is all it takes to give one person clean water for LIFE. Not $25 per month or $25 per year. $25 ONCE. Water is a human right. Join the fight.