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Chicago Public Schools Selects Follett Aspen For Its New Student Information System

July 26, 2017
CHICAGO, IL – Following a lengthy search process, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has selectedFollett Aspen for its new student information system (SIS). CPS intends to transition to Aspen in 2019. Aspen will replace the district’s current SIS as well as consolidate multiple other products into a single educational platform. By delivering a ...

Follett’s New Destiny Analytics Gives K-12 Districts Greater Insight into Managing Their Key Resources

July 20, 2017
MCHENRY, ILL. – Designed to provide customers with real-time insights into how their educational resources are being managed, Follett today announced it is offering Destiny Analytics, a district-wide subscription solution to complement its market-leading Destiny Library Manager and Destiny Resource Manager platforms. The multi-featured reporting solution will allow ...

Follett Announces Partnership with Unbound Concepts’ Artifact

May 17, 2017
MCHENRY, IL AND BALTIMORE – Follett today announced it has entered into a partnership with Unbound Concepts and its flagship platform, Artifact, which helps districts, teachers, librarians and curriculum buyers discover the best content for their students. Artifact catalogs the topics, themes, concepts, educational objectives and literary elements in content — all of ...

Library Strand of Future Ready ‘Institutes’ Developed, Funded Exclusively through Follett’s Project Connect

April 6, 2017
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Future Ready Schools® (FRS) this week announced a series of free regional events to support educators planning to implement personalized learning strategies for their students. This student-centered approach tailors instruction to students’ unique strengths and needs while engaging them in challenging, standards-based academic content. The eight...

Follett’s Project Connect Introduces Professional Development Courses for Librarians

November 7, 2016
MCHENRY, IL – Project Connect, formed by Follett to advocate for librarians to serve as leaders in their district and schools, will be debuting a set of professional development online courses this month. Designed for school and district librarians, these courses give librarians tangible skills needed in a future-ready world and help promote innovative models of school ...

Follett Urges Schools to Share Their Stories of Unique Learning for 6th Annual Follett Challenge

October 25, 2016
WESTCHESTER, IL – Does your school have a cool, unique program it would like share with the world? If so, the $200,000 Follett Challenge – an advocacy program that rewards groundbreaking educational programs – launched its sixth annual contest this week. All K-12 schools/districts, public and private, in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to apply. Submissions ...