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Follett Now Offering ThinkCERCA Literacy Platform

March 1, 2016
CHICAGO – Follett announced today it has begun selling ThinkCERCA, an award-winning online literacy platform that empowers teachers to personalize critical reading, writing and thinking instruction. ThinkCERCA includes curriculum for grades 4-12 across English language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics. The CERCA framework, the core of the ThinkCERCA ...

ThinkCERCA and Follett Announce Partnership to Fuel Expansion of Literacy Opportunities for Students Everywhere

March 12, 2015
CHICAGO, IL – Chicago-based ThinkCERCA and Follett Corporation today announced a strategic partnership to expand access to web-based academic reading and writing instruction for students everywhere. The announcement also marks the completion of ThinkCERCA’s $3.2 million Series A round, led by the Follett Knowledge Fund, a $50 million capital funding source for new ...

Follett Invests in

February 5, 2015
CHICAGO, IL – Follett Corporation today announces a strategic investment in, a leading learning platform in the K-12 and consumer space.  The investment reflects Follett's support and development of new technology with the potential to enhance the delivery of education and improve student outcomes. is a global online adaptive ...

Follett Invests in Campus Quad Mobile Platform for College Campuses

October 30, 2013
RIVER GROVE – Follett Corporation today announced it has invested $1 million in Campus Quad™, a mobile-first platform designed for creating and consuming content within higher education communities. Created to leverage the market penetration and usage of smartphones among 18- to 24-year-olds, Campus Quad allows students to instantly create and connect to content ...

Follett Launches $50 Million Education-Focused Venture Fund

June 18, 2013
RIVER GROVE – Follett Corporation today announced the establishment of the Follett Knowledge Fund, a capital funding source for new technologies that have the potential to improve and even disrupt the way educational content is delivered and consumed. Follett has committed $50 million to the fund, which complements and extends the company's extensive portfolio of ...