Meet Follett On-Demand

Follett On-Demand, powered by Advanced-Online, is the premier provider of online store solutions for institutions and college athletic departments across the country. Our streamlined solution gives you the tools to manage and promote your brands internally and externally.

Learn more about what Follett On-Demand can offer your institution and athletic department.

Online Athletic Stores

Extend the excitement and ability to show athletic pride to all of your students, fans, alumni, donors and athletic staff with the athletic branded merchandise any super fan would love to have. Our Online Athletic Store delivers a large variety of on-demand sports branded products including select-a-logo options for all sports on campus, personalized jerseys, championship merchandise and alumni and donor programs to promote loyalty and pride.

Online Institutional Stores

Give your administrative staff, departments and employees access to the institutionally branded merchandise they need to conduct business and build department pride. Our Online Institutional Store gives you control over your brand management, the items available for purchase, approval routing procedures and reporting management.