Shop By Author

Course Materials Organized from A to Z

The Program

Organizing your course materials department by author, instead of division, department, course and section not only makes it easy for students to find what they need to fuel preparedness, its proven to offer an increase in text sales boosting earned loyalty and equaling more commission dollars for your campus.

Shop By Author leverages our Follett Discover Access technology. A student easily accesses the needed materials by author and makes one pass through the course materials aisle or accesses all the needed materials in one shopping list online.

The Benefits

Efficient One Location Stocking

  • All affordability options are located in the same place within the store making it easy to shop
  • Less "out of stocks", by having one dedicated spot for each title, students won't leave the store without buying because they think you are out of stock
  • A seamless and consistent shopping experience, online or in-store

Efficient One Location Stocking

  • Anyone can shop easily for their materials as all course materials are organized by Author's last name in alphabetical order
  • Shopping is faster because customers don't need to hunt for the right division, department, course and section
  • Store associates are able to assist more students in finding their course materials

Repurposed Space

  • Shop By Author reduces the average course materials department square footage by 25-30%
  • New found space can be repurposed for a variety of student focused uses including community space, expansion of merchandise departments, lounge space or even innovative ideas like pop-up coffee kiosks or tech try-it tables

The Experience

Marketing Support

Custom Program In-store Marketing Signage
Custom A-Z Directional Signage
Program Specific Shelf Tags
In-store Tablet
Email Marketing Campaign

Technology Support

Follett Discover Access is the connection module that fuels the Shop By Author program.
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